persephone in white.

persephone boot in white
The Persephone style is the kind of boot that turns heads and keeps them there. Made entirely of vegan leather with gorgeously detailed hand embellishments, this is a true statement piece for the daringly sexy woman.

What’s your favorite shoe?

The Persephone boot in white.

Tell us about the design process.

It was a very collaborative process that included all members of our team. Kyle Blackmon, our designer, had several sessions with Brianna Fano of SwatchHub, an embellishment and embroidery studio that’s based in NYC. Together, they developed the shape, colors, and design for the stunning kneecap embellishment. We decided to use more specialized lead-free beading instead of sequins to keep our materials as ethical as possible. Kyle also developed the Sylth heel which was inspired by shapes and movement found in dance and nature. It’s a head-turner, for sure!

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